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  • Linux Picnic: One of the recurring events for Tux.org, check the lists this year to see if someone steps forward to organize. Tux.org is an AVO (All Volunteer Organization), so if you'd like things to happen, consider stepping up and volunteering to organize something...
  • InstallFests: Have happened less and less as the installations have gotten easier and easier, since Slackware, (Ysomething, early distro) and the original stack o' floppies, back in the early 1990's when Linux started... See above about volunteering to make things happen...
  • FOSE2011: July 19-21, 2011, later this year than most... Last Webnewbie heard on Tux.org lists, we don't have a booth at FOSE...
  • 2010

  • FOSE2010: Tux.Org, Inc. is once again a participant in FOSE! - March 23-25, 2010 DC Convention Center, Washington, DC

    "FOSE is the premier meeting and solutions marketplace for government technology today. Where other events fall short on content and expertise, FOSE continues to evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing government technology marketplace. FOSE features groundbreaking education, smart solutions and unparalleled networking events and programs. The event brings together an audience that shares passion for computing and technology, and is the gold standard for government technology events. FOSE is produced by 1105 Media that includes Federal Computer Week, Government Computer News, Government Health IT, Defense Systems and Washington Technology. Discover what FOSE is all about at FOSE.com"

    Currently booth 1507, sign up for booth duty on FOSE list and cyberigor wiki...
  • 2009

  • Installfest for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
  • Wednesday Nov 11, 2009 5.30 until done (likely 8-9 pm) @ GWU CS Dept.. DCLoCo (local community). See http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/KarmicInstallFest for details

  • USENIX LISA Nov 1-6, 2009 Baltimore, MD
  • USENIX is the sysadmin con with a long history of Unix lore... More About See USENIX.org/lisa09. Tux.org had a booth for the last local LISA (2006) AND NOW LISA 2009 Exhibition BOOTH #205 !...

  • GOSCon.org
  • Nov 5, 2009 Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC. See goscon.org for more info...

  • OLPC Learning Club 10 am Saturdays at Galludet Student Union, or Arlington Career Center, and sometimes other places...

    One Laptop Per Child [XO] Learning Club is a separate users group with younger people included (read kids), for more details see http://olpclearningclub.org/ and see also http://wiki.laptop.org plus olpcnews.com for official like, and unoffical OLPC info, disrespectively... ;-/

  • 2008

    I'm sure some things happened in 2008, including FOSE, a Linux Picnic, but webnewbie was probably hibernating... Bad WebNewbie...


  • Linux Picnix17 planning in the works... Check the lists, especially NOVALUG.com, start one locally and participate! [Hint: XO Mesh a park?]
  • Saturday August 11, 2007
    Linux Picnix16:
    See linuxpicnic.org for more information about NOVALUG's
    lead in organizing one in this area (presumably in association
    with Tux.org...).  Lake Fairfax Park (Reston vacinity?) was good last year
    and likely good again this year...  Participate in this world wide
    event to make it even better! 
  • Tuesday July 31, 2007 4-6p
    Open Politics?:
    Sunlight Foundation Open House
    See http://www.sunlightfoundation.com/openhouse for more info...
  • Monday April 30, 2007 7-9p
    The DC chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, 
    in collaboration with the student ACM chapter at George Washington University,
    proudly presents the first 2007 lecture:
    Speaker:  Dr. Brian Kernighan
    Dr. Kernighan worked alongside UNIX creators Ken Thompson and Dennis
    Ritchie and contributed significantly to the UNIX school of thought.  He
    is also co-author of the AWK and AMPL programming languages as well as
    co-author of the book "The C Programming Language".
    Topic:  The UNIX Legacy
    Since its creation in an attic at Bell Labs more than 30 years ago, the
    Unix operating system has spread far beyond anything that its creators
    could possibly have imagined.  It has led to the development of much
    innovative software, and has influenced myriad programmers, usually for
    the better, while affecting other operating systems lamentably little.
    In this talk, Dr. Kernighan will describe some of the early days and the
    golden age, and then in the light of more recent times discuss what the
    Unix legacy might turn out to be.
    Where: George Washington University Campus
    Funger Hall, lecture room 108
    2201 G St. NW
    Washington, DC
    (2 blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro)
    This lecture is free and open to the public.  ACM membership is not
    required to attend.
    Questions and comments can be directed to William Fielder at
    wfielder at acm.org (or winter at frostmarch.com).
    DCLUG Note: This is the talk mentioned in the home page audio file 200703/dclug200703announce.mp3
    and audio taped at http://dclug.tux.org/audio/Kernighan.mp3 http://dclug.tux.org/audio/Kernighan.ogg # (again sorry for flash ;-}
  • FOSE2007 March 20-22 see FOSE list on tux.org for our annual organizing efforts to have a booth and educate government types about Linux and FOSS.
  • University of Maryland LUG is doing interesting things like Installfests, Flamewars and other goodies, see http://umlug.umd.edu/meetings/ for specifics...
  • Tux.org was at the Tech Caucus this year. Anyone donating a report, please contact this webnewbie to post up here...
  • Timelessly OT: Beautiful young woman wishes to interview couples for film documentary project. See Jill at LivingWithGeeks.WordPress.com as fear.less.films for more information.
  • 2006

  • December 3-8, 2006 Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA) in Washington, DC. Early Bird Registration Deadline: November 10, 2006 Sponsored by USENIX and SAGE. For more info see http://www.usenix.org/lisa06/progm and http://www.usenix.org/lisa06/training/
  • Tux.org Linux 15th Birthday Picnic was held in Lake Fairfax, VA during the summer of 2006. A few people took pictures at that wonderful event and maybe links will make it up here, eventually ;-)...
  • NovaJUG group is doing a joint meeting with the NOVARubyGroup.org Ruby users group on it's third Thursday 6 pm group meeting at FGM. see http://www.novajug.com:8080/meetings/core.html for more web information and subscribe to the yahoogroup novajug. That's http://www.novarubygroup.org for the Ruby part. OK, it's not strictly a Linux event, but it's not M$ only ;-}.
  • NVCC Computer Interest Group Linux did an Ubuntu installfest and had more events in the works
    Contact Nicholas Wheeler at dragoncow2 at gmail.com for more information.
  • FOSE 2006 Tux.org takes donations as a 501(c)(3) non profit and FOSE is one of our big events to make a difference in computing. Join the FOSE list on tux.org, volunteer for booth duty on the wiki and get your badge, please :-). Some 2005 event highlights at http://dclug.tux.org/FOSE2005/readme.html
  • FOSE2006: http://www.tux.org/~gkwms/FOSE2006.web/
  • see also http://linevents.com for worldwide Linux related events.
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