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The DCLUG library started after a visit from the publisher Tim O'Reilly to our 100th (or 10 year) meeting in the fall of 2002. All authors and publishers are welcome, given library (i.e. personal) space constraints...
Some DCLUG library history here

Checkout Policy

Books are being lent out to regular DCLUG attendees who are on the email list at scheduled DCLUG meetings by prior arrangement with the librarian. Usually this involves requesting the book from the librarian by the night before a DCLUG meeting. This allows time to pack materials and travel to the meeting area. For more info, join the DCLUG email list and/or contact the webmaster gkwms at tux.org who is also the librarian.

Library To Do:

Caveats and Improvements (i.e. TODOs):  As with many web pages, this is a work in progress. Some publishers' links are broken and many of the smaller contributions publishers are not yet added. Standardizing the data field information about each book, improving formatting and linking to individual book information on the web, more detailed, normalized and more useful information including review space on each book are some of the items planned. Automating some the the process of keeping status of each book with Perl programming and/or other technologies like Koha are being researched. Check back soon for improvements.

Early year donations by Patrick

Many O'Reilly books & pocket guides, a few other publishers and magazines were donated by Patrick, but the librarian dropped the ball on putting them up patrick.donation.isbns.txt & patrick.donation.mags.txt. Started with database lookup, but additional magazines posed a problem plus the insane spring crunch, dog ate my homework, etc. Librarian and webnewbie issues should not in any way diminish Patrick's kind donations.

Donation by author through NOVALUG.tux.org

The OFFICIAL SAMBA-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide, 2nd ed by Terpstra & Vernooij, editors prenhall.com
ISBN 0-13-188222-8 0131882228

SAMBA-3 BY Example by Terpstra prenhall.com
ISBN 0-13-188221-X 013188221X

Lapses in Library Development

Librarian / webnewbie fell into a black hole of work like activities for months, letting this volunteer activity go to the back burner... For example, a box of books donated were biked back from Reston with a bike trailer along the W & OD trail, then played with, entered (somewhere) and responsibility dropped somewhere, months later, not sure where... Missed putting them up by the next month, then another, and another, now maybe 6-7 4 ? later standing up to admit it publicly... Bad librarian, bad webnewbie... Wonder if I can fine myself? That will be a working AJAX javascript library book app and pushing lightning talks on other unsuspecting people for the public good... Back to school we go...

As an aside, another donation took months to sneakernet/lug across the metro area so it could be to put up here due to a job change, but glad to see them. Must be a AVO thing too...

XML Version(s)

20060119 starting to create an XML version of this page data but have not converted the database links yet...
there are some problems with making the links clickable, browsing with type="text/xsl" stylesheets but css works ok for viewing. the color choice and formatting is known to be lousy...
some learning on this may help make a low graphics, high graphics, pdf, web phone, etc versions of the dclug site in the future...
see books.data.xml

Updated Database Listings

[2005-04-05 UPDATE: SEE http://dclug.tux.org/lib/20050318a.books.html for a NEWER PARTIAL listing. Many of the conference materials are added and now totalling 125 items in that database listing where the last was 50. Hoping to get the listing closer to done and add the main library page books to the database and add some searching or categorized "baked" lists. Also note many links to book descriptions were added to the main library page hopefully making it easier to browse from the listing to see if you would like to check out a book.]

First Database Listing

[2005-02-16 UPDATE 6 boxes of books donated by ethicalhomes.com!

SEE http://dclug.tux.org/lib/20050216a.books.html for a PARTIAL listing. About 2 boxes of conference materials (LISA 98- 2000 or so, SANS, ORA OSCON, Usenix, etc), 1 of Oracle, 1 of Novell, 2 of general interest programming, networking, graphics, design, etc... Many of the books have not been entered and some will be sorted. PLEASE DON'T RUSH THE LIBRARIAN, as they are known to be nasty at times ;-) ]

New Additions

[2004-12-22 last update - adding new December 2004 books from Addison Wesley, and normalizing format.]

New Additions in 2005

sendmail Milters by Costales & Flynt
Addison-Wesley / Pearson Education ISBN 0-321-21333-5 http://www.awprofessional.com/title/0321213335 or spambook.bcx.org

Collection as of 2004

So far we have received for DCLUG:

*NEW* as of 2004-12-14:

The Design and Implementation of FreeBSD by McKusick & Neville-Neil Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-70245-2
awprofessional.com/title/0201702452 FreeBSD version 5.2

Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2nd Ed by Sobell publisher? ISBN 0-13-147024-8
sobell.com includes Fedora Core [2] on 4 CDs CHECKED OUT

Building Applications with the Linux Standards Base: The Official Guide to LSB 2.0 by Core Members of the Linux Standards Base Team IBM Press ISBN 0-13-145695-4 freestandards.org CDROM included contains the Full LSB 2.0 specification

Open Source Licensing by Rosen Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-148787-6 prenhall.com

Outsource: Competing in the Global Productivity Race by Yourdon Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-147571-1 prenhall.com

Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: The Discipline of Unix-to-Unix Migrations by Pepple, Down, and Levy Sun Microsystems ISBN 0-13-150263-8 Sun Blueprints

Author's Donation

The Tao of Network Security Monitoring by Bejtlich Addison-Wesley ISBN 0321246772 http://www.awprofessional.com/title/0321246772
see http://www.awprofessional.com/content/images/0321246772/samplechapter/bejtlich_chs.pdf
for sample chapters ON TEMP LOAN

O'Reilly Donations

Linux Server Hacks by Flickenger O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00461-3 oreilly.com

one year free O'Reilly Safari safari.oreilly.com membership to review. http://dclug.tux.org/lib/safari.review.txt [reviewer contact webmaster if problem with having it added here...] REVIEWED

Linux in a Nutshell 3rd ed by Siever, Spainbour, Figgins, & Hekman  O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00025-1 oreilly.com

Managing RAID on Linux  by Vadala O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-730-3 oreilly.com

Building SECURE SERVERS with LINUX by Bauer O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00217-3 oreilly.com

802.11 Security by Potter & Fleck O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00290-4 oreilly.com

Linux Journal CDROM through NOVALUG

Linux Journal 1994-2000 Archive CD-ROM. Linux Journal ISBN 1-57831-015-4 linuxjournal.com

Sybex Donation

Linux for Windows Administrators by Minasi & York Sybex ISBN 0-7821-4119-6 Sybex.com

Sams Publishing Donations

Teach Yourself MySQL in 24 Hours Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32349-4 samspublishing.com

Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days 2nd ed Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32392-3 samspublishing.com

MySQL 2nd ed. by DuBois Developer's Library Sams Publishing ISBN 0-7357-1212-3 samspublishing.com
http://safari.samspublishing.com/main.asp?bookname=0735712123 OVERDUE

PostgreSQL by Douglas and Douglas Developer's Library ISBN 0-7357-1257-3 developers-library.com

Maximum Linux Security 2nd ed by Anonymous Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32134-3 samspublishing.com

Linux Cluster Architecture by Vrenios Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32368-0 samspublishing.com

Apache Administrator's Handbook by Bowen Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32274-9 samspublishing.com
http://samspublishing.com/title/0672322749 OVERDUE

Maximum Apache Security by Anonymous Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32380-X samspublishing.com

Teach Yourself Apache 2 in 24 hours by Lopez Sams Publishing ISBN 0-672-32355-9 samspublishing.com

Sybex Donation from FOSE show booth

Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide by Heller & Roberts Sybex ISBN 0-7821-4077-7 Sybex.com

Thinkgeek through NOVALUG

From ThinkGeek thru NOVALUG.tux.org August 2003 Meeting:

Advanced Perl Programming by Srinivasan, Sriram O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-220-4 oreilly.com

Mastering Algorithms with Perl by Orwant, Hietaniemi & MacDonald O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-398-7 oreilly.com

Programming Perl, 2nd Ed. by Wall, Christiansen & Schwartz O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-149-6 oreilly.com http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/pperl2/index.html

CGI Programming with Perl, 2nd Ed. by Guelich, Gundavaram & Birznieks O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-419-3 oreilly.com

Pattern Hatching: Design Patterns Applied by Vlissides Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-43293-5 AddisonWesley.com

Object Oriented Perl by Conway Manning ISBN 1-884777-79-1 manning.com/conway

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Ed. by Flannagan O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-392-8 oreilly.com

Linux Graphics Programming with SVGAlib by Link Coriolis ISBN 1-57610-524-5 www.Coriolis.com link broken

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Ed. by Kirch & Dawson O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-400-2 oreilly.com

Understanding the Linux Kernel by Bovet & Cesati O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00002-2 oreilly.com

JavaScript Pocket Reference by Flannagan O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-521-1 oreilly.com
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jscriptpr/index.html 2 copies

PHP Pocket Reference by Lerdorf O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-769-9 oreilly.com

Embracing Insanity: Open Source Software Development by Pavlicek Sams ISBN 0-672-31989-6 samspublishing.com

republic.com by Sunstein Princeton Univ Press ISBN 0-691-07025-3 pup.princeton.edu

Open Sources: Voices of the Open Source Revolution ed by DiBona, Ockman & Stone O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-582-3 oreilly.com

Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century by Garfinkel O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-653-6 oreilly.com

Inside XML by Holzner New Riders ISBN 0-7357-1020-1 NewRiders.com

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th Ed. by Welch & Jones with Hobbs Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-038560-3 http://prenhall.com

Developing Linux Applications with GTK+ and GDK by Harlow New Riders ISBN 0-7357-0021-4 NewRiders.com OVERDUE

SSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems by Rescorla Addison-Wesley/ Pearson Education ISBN 0-201-61598-3 AddisonWesley.com http://www.aw-bc.com/catalog/academic/product/0,1144,0201432935,00.html

Server-Based Java Programming by Neward Manning ISBN 1-884777-71-6 manning.com/

Swing by Robinson & Vorobiev Manning ISBN 1-884777-84-8 manning.com/

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-61585-1 AddisonWesley.com OVERDUE

JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice by Freeman, Hupfer & Arnold Sun Microsystems, Inc. Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-30955-6 AddisonWesley.com
java.sun.com/docs/books/jini/ OVERDUE

computers Ltd.: what they really can't do by Harel Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-850555-8 www.oup.com

The Social Life of Information by Brown, John Seely & Duguid, Paul Harvard Business School Press ISBN 0-87584-762-5 www.hbsp.harvard.edu


Listing library books here on the website does not mean endorsement by DCLUG. It only means that the librarian has received the book and is lending out to members for use and *possible* review. It is the hope of the librarian to further the Linux cause by building a library for members to sample books between meetings and help members become more knowledgeable about Linux through reading generally available literature.

As noted before, this page is a work in progress. Publishers links are being searched for and many of the smaller contributions publishers are not yet added. Check back soon for improvements.

Other Sources of Info

tldp.org The Linux Documentation Project, one of the definitive sources for How To and other docs...

http://directory.google.com/Top/Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Publishers/Nonfiction/Computers contains some of the publishers website links. Also check our DCLUG links page about searching with penguin powered Google.com.

Local Bookstores:

The following places are in the Washington DC metro area with low cost or new books have been mentioned mostly favorably by LUG members:

http://Microcenter.com with bargain books section of previous editions at significant discounts.

http://Reiters.com with one of the local high tech collections especially for that new book and it's downtown within blocks of the DCLUG meeting place.

http://ReadMeDoc.com with discount books has unfortunately closed it's brick and mortar stores, but continues as a mail order business.

Also, see the publishers, online, public library book sales and other local booksellers.

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